Hungry i (Aphrodite)


Projector, video content, laser cut plywood, acrylic paint


This work references the neon sign for the Hungry I, a strip club on historic Broadway Street in San Francisco’s touristy North Beach neighborhood, activating the history of the name “hungry i.” The hungry i was a famous nightclub in the International Hotel (or I Hotel), the site of San Francisco’s most important eviction battle. When the owner closed the club and sold its name to the strip club on Broadway, Kearny Street Workshop, now the nation’s oldest Asian Pacific Islander multidisciplinary arts organization, opened in the old location in 1972 (and has moved between various locations in the city since the 1977 I Hotel eviction). The video sculpture explores these histories of displacement and urban space (as well as activism, art, and Asian American identity) through the lens of individual desire evoked by the name “hungry i.”